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Advertising and Marketing careers are a fuzzy sort of choice.

There’s a low bar for entry. Everybody thinks they can “do” marketing. Universities offer degrees, but there is very little in the way of certification or licensing. Just like the gun-slingers of the wild west, as long as you keep winning, you get to keep your job.

Wizard Academy is like summer camp for word-slingers. All of us want to hone our skills. 

Our on-campus classes let you meet like-minded people and learn techniques you can apply right away to help your clients grow.

We believe that any time spent on our campus will inspire you to be a better marketer. 

In no particular order…here are the classes that we believe will guide you to become a better wordsmith and marketing strategist.

Ask The Wizards Monthly Roundtable

$100/month allows you to ask questions and get answers to whatever marketing problems are vexing you at the moment. 

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