Private Groups

Private business group meetings, corporate retreats, board
meetings and planning sessions can be held at Wizard Academy
at a cost of $20,000 for your first day and $15,000 per additional day, which includes the use of:

The Wizard’s Tower

5 floors of pure Wizard Academy. With its projector, built-in 12 ft. projection screen, cordless microphones and in-house sound system.  The tower can seat up to 32 people. Unlimited coffee, tea, beer and wine are included as well as snacks during breaks. 

Engelbrecht House

the student mansion on the campus of Wizard Academy, with 14 finely-appointed rooms, a regal courtyard, balconies and a kitchen with dining room so luxurious that it is often used as a conference room.

Spence Manor

the second student house on the campus of Wizard Academy, with 3 finely-appointed bedrooms, a private courtyard, balconies, a kitchen, two separate conferences rooms and a living area.

Lost Boys Cabins

2 cabins just below Engelbrecht house with bedroom & bath.

Two nights – the night prior to the beginning of your class and the night following the final session of your class – are included in the per/day rate.

Additional rooms are available at nearby hotels but these are not included in your per/day rate.

  • All meals are included on class days.
    These are catered by restaurants carefully chosen by Wizard Academy. Plus, there are always breakfast items stocked in the Engelbrecht kitchen.
  • Sessions of your choice taught by our world-class instructors. You’re also welcome to provide your own speakers. Just let us know your needs.
  • If your team would like a guided tour of the campus, with explanations of the architecture and art that attracted almost 1,000 weddings to Wizard Academy’s Chapel Dulcinea in 2014, just let us know. The McInnis Stardeck on top of the tower at Wizard Academy allows visitors a view of downtown Austin from 840 feet above sea level.

Payment Rules:
In order to book a Private Academy, we will need half of the amount paid up front. The remaining half is due two weeks prior to the event start date.

Have dates in mind?
or call Dave Young at 512-270-1516.

Your time at Wizard Academy will be the meeting your team talks about for years to come.

We look forward to welcoming you to the campus!