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Not everyone needs or wants a certification level whiskey class.

If you’re a happy enthusiast looking to prove it, or you’re keen to test whisky’s waters, this non-certification was made for you.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be Bona Fide?

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Your Bonafication Means You’ll Know…

a handful of grain

How It’s Made

Knowing the fundamentals of
whisky making means you’ll be
your friends’ go-to expert.

Lessons 3-12

how to order whiskey

How to Buy/Order It

Understanding the types and
styles of whisky means you’ll
know what you like and why.

Lessons 13-18

friends sharing whiskey

How To Share It

Putting it all together means
you’ll host the whisky tastings
everyone wants to be at.

Lesson 19

Card Carrying Member

When you complete this whisky course you’ll receive your official Bona Fide Whisky Enthusiast card.

Put it in your wallet where, at a moment’s notice, it’ll testify to your Bona Fides.

Forgot my Costco card and decided it couldn’t hurt to hand them my Bonnie card in its place. I am now their only Double Platinum member. Still trying to understand what all the perks are, but it does come with a forklift certification and I have access to employee restrooms!


The card is indispensable. It cuts through bottle wax, works as a spoon, and I’m actually looking forward to winter, so I can use it to scrape icy windshields.


Flashed my Bonnie Card to the gate agent today and got upgraded to First Class. Wield your power accordingly.


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