A Self-Selected Few

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Annual Donors

Since the beginning, there’s a self selected few who, every year, make large donations to Wizard Academy. These golden souls are called Annual Donors. And they’re the reason the Academy continues to exist.

Thank you for being one of them.

Class tuition at Wizard Academy has never actually covered the cost of running the school. Yes, class fees help defray operational expenses. But they’re not our backbone. You are.

And so just like every good museum, orchestra, hospital, or zoo; it’s your large donations every year that funds our future.

To make it easy, there are 5 levels at which you can donate for the year. Each level has annual perks that can be used within a year of your donation. Here are the levels along with the annual perks associated with each one:

Your year starts the day of your donation. You can use your class seats for yourself or gift them to anyone you’d like. 

So, add a donation level to your cart now and you can use your credit card. Or, if you prefer to donate by check or other means, then email Vice Chancellor Dave Young at daveyoung@wizardacademy.org and he’ll get you situated.

On behalf of everyone here and all the students who benefit from coming to Wizard Academy, thank you, thank you, thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts.

*Major Donor rooming privileges means, as long as we have a room available, you can stay on campus for up to 3 nights anytime you’d like. Just email Vice Chancellor Dave Young at daveyoung@wizardacademy.org to check availability before planning travel.