2024 October: Magical Worlds Communication Workshop


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This is the Big One. It’s the course that triggered the New York Times bestsellers that are quoted around the world.

And it will be taught by the Chancellor of Wizard Academy, Daniel Whittington.

Graduates of this course are inducted into a tribe known as the Cognoscenti.

Do you sometimes know intuitively what should be done, but find yourself unable to explain scientifically why your idea will work? This is because you have a lifetime of left-brain education, but our society woefully neglects the right. Simply stated, this course is remedial education for the right hemisphere of your brain. In this class you’ll learn not only what to do, but why it will work. Together we’ll investigate:

1. The discovery of Brain Lateralization by Dr. Roger Sperry, winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize for medicine.

2. The Four Kinds of Thought and how to use them.

3. Thought Particles and how they can be arranged for greater communications impact. (Stack these smallest units of thought to deepen perception. Collide them to elevate interest.) The Roy Williams published these theories on the process and they were later proven by Friedemann Pulvermuller of the Medical Research Council in Cambridge.

4. The Three Depths of Memory and how to achieve them (based on the work of Dr. Alan Baddeley.)

5. Basic Languages of the Left Brain and when to use them. (where to Begin, how to End, what to Leave Out.)

6. Basic Languages of the Right Brain and when to use them. (How to create fine art, architecture and advertising)

7. Practical Applications of Gestalt Theory. How to create a revolutionary innovation model in any situation.

8. Practical Applications of Chaos Theory. How to gain and hold human attention; the secret of every hit song, bestselling book, blockbuster movie and gourmet meal on earth. Infinitely useful.

I know it sounds intimidating, but don’t worry, you’ll understand all of it perfectly; none of it will be over your head. (Just watch and listen and you’ll do great.)

Upon graduation you’ll write better screenplays, make better sales presentations, write more convincing proposals and create magnetic music, art and advertising.

The Magical Worlds Communications Workshop is based on the findings of doctors Roger Sperry, Alan Baddeley, Susan Gathercole, Steven Pinker, Ricardo Gattass, Jorge Martins de Oliveira, and many other cognitive neuroscientists.

“Talent” is any natural ability to swim in the deep waters of the unconscious and pull up the timeless fishes. Ask a talented person how they do what they do and they can rarely explain it – because talent is typically unconscious.

The Magical Worlds curriculum was created by carefully de-constructing what talented people do when they’re feeling inspired. This allows us to chart the creative process with 20/20 hindsight. Our goal is to give you the ability to do consciously what talented people do unconsciously.

Talent is a natural ability to swim in the dark, deep water of the intuitive right brain.

But we’re going to teach you how to swim in the sunlit air of the logical left brain.

Some people call it flying.

Stacy Talks About Wizard Academy from Wizard Academy on Vimeo.

Magical Worlds curriculum at Wizard Academy is a tremendous investment of time and money. But while the books and tapes of the Wizard are terrific tools, they simply don’t compare to the interactive multimedia experience you’ll have at the Wizard’s castle in Austin, Texas. There is no other experience like it.

Simply stated, this 3 day course is an expansion of the thoughts and ideas contained in the book by Roy H. Williams, Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, and draws upon universal truths from various disciplines in literature, art, music and science. The historic Wizards you will study are those who mastered their respective fields and then explained their methods to those who would follow.

Here are a few comments from recent Magical Worlds graduates:

“…Valuable, helpful, insightful, and thought provoking. We’re recommending it to everyone we see.”

– Jan Nations and Sterling Tarrant, senior managers, Focus on the Family

“I’ve attended many of the best – Harvard Law School Negotiation Seminar, partner training workshops at top-tier management consulting firms – but Wizard Academy is different. It delivers what you always hope to come away with: seeing things differently.” – Scott Parris, CEO, Neural Audio

“Be prepared to take a wild, three-ring-circus journey into the creative recesses of the brain…[that] will change your approach to managing and marketing your business forever. For anyone who must think critically or write creatively on the job, the Wizard Academy is a must.”

– Dr. Kevin Ryan, Pres., The Executive Writer (Dr. Ryan’s Ph.D. is in Creative Writing)

In addition to the Wizard’s paradigm-shifting multimedia lectures and intensive communication exercises in the Academy Tower, you’ll be connected by principles, methods and email to hundreds of other Wizard Academy graduates who have shared the same experience. (These connections alone are worth far more than the cost of tuition.)

Graduating students receive a 50% discount on all other Wizard Academy curricula.

Price for this three day course:


As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

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Vice Chancellor Dave Young at daveyoung@wizardacademy.org or 512-270-1516