You’d Never Guess This About Me

I am a complex being with contradictory feelings and opinions.

I hate eating because it takes me away from whatever I’m working on just to fuel this frail body. It’d be so much easier if food was optional. But I also love eating three-hour lunches and savoring good food.

I love bright sunny days. I love dark damp rainy days.

I enjoy being happy. I enjoy a good cry.

I love challenges and overcoming obstacles on my way to a goal. I love when it’s easy and handed to me.

I love the mountains. I love the beach.

I love reading. I love doing.

I love dogs. I love cats.

I like Coke. Pepsi sucks.

What I like, what works for me, depends on so many variables. I am a complex being. And know what?

I bet you are too.

Know what else?

I bet your customers are too.

Basic psychology teaches us that groups are reasonably predictable, but individuals are not.

Beware investing in over targeted advertising. You’re gambling that your ad is seen by the right person and that it’s also on the right day.

Play the safer spend. Bet on group predictability. And what is it we can predict? What works on the masses?

Be likable. Be memorable. Be there when they need you.

On those three pillars, you can build a marketing strategy that takes over the world.

– Zac Smith, VC