You Can’t Push a Rope

A good rope has some splendid characteristics.

It’s flexible and strong. It can be really long when stretched out, and yet be coiled up into a small pile.

It’s versatile.

It can help you reach things you wouldn’t be able to on your own. If you’ve got the know-how, a rope can also become other things like a net or hammock.

There are so many things you can do with a good hank of rope. In fact, there are some jobs only a rope can help you accomplish.

But for all its strengths, you can’t push a rope.

Is that a flaw? Only an unreasonable person would think so.

Having to work within the strengths and limitations of the rope does not mean it’s useless or being difficult. It just means it’s being a rope. In the right hands it can achieve so much.

Sure is a good thing people aren’t like rope.

It would make a lot of people look unreasonable.

 – Zac Smith, VC