Would You Rather…

Want to play a game?

It’s just for fun. There are no real world tactical practical tips or tricks here. Just a brief distraction.

You in?

Good. It’s a game of would-you-rather business superpowers.

Forevermore, would you rather have the superpower to solve your business problems twice as fast, or would you rather have the superpower to cut the number of your problems in half?

I’ll wait while you decide.

…Got your answer?

So, which one did you choose?

Really? That’s not the one I would have picked.

What made you decide to go with that option?

Huh. So that’s more of a pain point for you? I guess that makes sense. I’d probably pick that one too if I was in your situation.

Let’s do another. If you had the superpower to completely solve one issue for your company, would you rather solve supply chain shortages or quality staffing shortages?

Oh, good choice. That’s a toughie.

If you had the superpower to take more time off, would you rather only work four days a week or work five and get an extra month of vacation (non-accumulative) each year?

These are fun, right? There are no real-world consequences because we’re talking about fantastical scenarios. So, we get to cut loose and think about our preferences without worrying about how to actually make it happen.

While we’re still living in this realm of not having to worry about logistics, here’s another question.

Are you happy with what you’re currently doing for a living?

You know, the whole thing. Are you happy with the work, the schedule, the people, the compensation?

If not, what are your ideal work preferences?

Think about it for a minute. And remember, we’re still just having fun.

Don’t stress about how to actually make it happen, not yet. You know why?

Because the real first step to making it come about isn’t to make a plan; it’s to have fun painting a picture.

A big fantastical picture of your preferences.

So, want to play a game?


Would you rather…

 – Zac Smith, VC