How Worthless Are You?

A bit of history from the President Plenipotentiary
of the original Worthless Bastards.

The Worthless Bastards came about from a chat we (Feinstein & Grimes) had with Roy about one of the English kings who would go carousing with a group of rowdy commoners from time to time. When the weight of the crown got too heavy, he needed to take it off and blow off some steam by getting rip-roaring drunk and rowdy with some of the local boys. The king went by his first name and became one of the crew … not the king … and along with his mates became one of the Worthless Bastards. In that situation the mates treated him as one of their own … and even openly joked about “The King”.  From that idea came a trip that Brett and I took to the original Wizard Academy to just spend a day with Roy hanging out, eating, talking and exploring. Mostly not doing anything you could construe as constructive.

Russell Friedman says it best …

“It’s all about Relationships”

That’s about it.

It’s just hanging out together with people you want to hang out with.

What you DO is really not important.

You can spend a day meandering downtown San Antonio eating Mexican food, checking out the Alamo, going to a “Believe it or Not” museum … and laughing a bit.

You can ​spend a day on the famous Texas Hill Country BBQ trail stuffing yourself with amazing BBQ and learn how Jeffrey’s dog makes brisket “moist” … and laughing a lot.

It can be an exotic trip to New Orleans that entails eating a lot of Creole & Soul food and simply walking the city till you land in Café Du Mond for a beignet and some café au lait … and simply taking in the sights (and smells) of the city.

It can involve engaging conversations or it can be a big swath of quiet as you take in the world and simply watch. Like spending half an afternoon in a quaint book store or odd ball novelty shop … some bastards are a lot less talky than other bastards.

It always involves food … local is better … and to be honest, drinking is absolutely optional … most of our past WB trips were non-alcohol (but we made up for it with multiple deserts).

It always involves laughter. It always involves exploring but it never requires an agenda. It’s adults at play.

Everyone is on the same level … all bastards, no titles, no prima donnas, no one has rank, no one is in charge … everyone plays nice and shares in paying the tab.

It really just needs two things … a few friends and a little time. Time to not DO ANYTHING … at least not do work or anything related to work.

Just grab a few friends (old & new) and carve out a bit of time and find a place to explore to enjoy a Worthless Bastard day … be sure to take a few pics and wrap it up with a few take-away tales to share …

At the end of the day it’s the “Magic of Relationships”.

– Tom Grimes