Q: Why are you calling obviously successful people Worthless Bastards?
A: Because the conversations of the gathering must never revolve around problem solving or the creation of value or “worth.”

Q: Why is it important that the group NOT try to create value?
A: Play is the only purpose of these gatherings. Perfectly relaxed, undiluted play unleashes the creative powers of the mind. You don’t experience the life-changing benefits of these discussions during your get-togethers, but because you got together.

Q: Is this idea of “creating no value” really essential?
A: Play is too often work disguised as recreation. If you have a goal – if you’re trying to win – if you’re keeping score – if there is an objective – you are still “at work” and will see only the benefits associated with that form of exertion. Work – no matter how happy or pleasant – does not generate the creative lightning unleashed by play.

Q: How is this different than a mastermind group?
 A mastermind group is focused on finding business solutions.
A Worthless Bastards gathering exists only to enjoy one another’s company.

Q: Why don’t we just do this online?
 Your computer is not your community. Once in awhile you need to escape the intermediation of a backlit screen.

Meetings of the Worthless Bastards are where we go to find relief from the pressures, pain, or boredom of our daily lives.