Winter’s Work

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier.

The sun sleeps long in the North.

The streetlights come on before I’m home from work.

Eight thirty feels like midnight.

And I love it.

For night is when we dream. Not just in sleepy heads on our beds, but around the table. On the couch. In the car.

When the sun goes down the odds go up.

Dreams feel more possible at night. It brings the things we strive for just a little closer. Makes them realer. Makes them truer.

Be we fools feeling in the dark?

Nay, say I. We are planners, strivers, doers.

Do not decry the fuel that drives our dreams. Let us linger in these longer nights.

Let us chock our talk full of fancies and delights.

The sun will rise soon enough.

Soon Summer will bring days with work.

But it’s Winter now.

So let us live with our dreams.

And perhaps, just maybe, we will reach that which we seek.

– Zac Smith, VC