Trust the Process

There are certain results that are easier to reach when you burn the goal sheet and create a process instead.

What do I mean?

Depending on your personality, some of the big far-off goals will cripple you in their enormity.

Like writing a book, for example. Even breaking it into smaller goals still smacks of herculean effort.

But what if instead of an enormous goal you were patient enough to commit to a process? What if in due course the thing your process produced could, accumulatively, get you to your goal?

Like, for example, committing to write a 200-500 word article every week. If you committed to that writing process eventually you would have enough words and content to publish a book.

Now, some will say process is just another word for goal. But it’s not. A process has orderly fixed events and systematic procedures put on repeat with no end date. Whether that sounds like paradise or hell to you, it’s still not a goal.

And that’s how you can tell if you have a process or just a mini goal. If you plan on ending your process when it’s produced a certain amount of result then it’s not a process. It’s a goal.

You can’t stick a flag in a process and move on. It’s for the methodical. The consistent.

Is a process better than a goal?


It’s just a different tool for producing results.

Have goals eluded you?

Then build a system of processes and enjoy a steady stream of results.

 – Zac Smith, VC