This One’s for You

I’ve been reviewing the history of Wizard Academy this week. 
Pouring through the archives. Sifting through old photos. Reading the stories of the people who built this place. People who have been a part of it. And do you know what I’ve found?
You lot are the craziest, kindest, most creative, fun-loving, hardworking, innovative, generous, do-gooding ne’er-do-wells I’ve ever come across. And I’m proud to be among you.
The alumni of this school are truly remarkable. You push the bounds of business innovation. You think outside the box. You solve problems.
And you’re not just idea people either. No, no. You’re doers. You implement. You experiment. You refine. You improve.
And do you know what else I love about you? You’re not afraid to make money. Big old heaping gobs of it. And do you know why that’s so great? Because you put all that success to good use.
Your companies are the living breathing lifeblood of a healthy society. You create jobs. You enrich the lives of the people who work for you and their families. And that wealth spills over into your communities and it makes them all around better places too.
Whatever drink you have at hand – be it coffee, tea, wine, or whiskey – raise it up on behalf of yourself and your fellow alumni. This is for you. The few who would dare to change the world.
And may we love every minute of it. 
– Zac Smith, VC