The Magic of Three

Numbers have funny personalities.

For example, 5 is a typical middle child with an identity crisis. The only odd number that gets confused for an even.

7 is a diva and enjoys being the first number you think of, and likes to accessorize when traveling.

10 is an all-around good number. Easy to work with and has a great social life, unlike 1.

1’s manic-depressive personality is draining. One day 1’s the winner. The next day 1’s lonely – even though 2 is right next to it.

Speaking of 2… 2 works hard and rarely gets any recognition for it – probably from being next to squeaky wheel 1. 2 just likes to see people together.

9 is blond, blue eyed, and says “no” a lot. 9 also likes to pretend it’s a smaller number than it is.

8 is great but flies under the radar.

6…well, we leave 6 alone. 6 is into some weird stuff.

4, the poor thing, tries so hard to not be average.

And then there’s 3.

The more you learn about 3 the more you’ll love her. 3 is striking, smart, and strong. She’s cool, quirky, and confident. 3 is memorable, magical, mysterious. She’s emphatic, insightful, and fun.

Your brain is wired for 3, it’s drawn to 3, you’re engaged by 3.

Need to zest your message? Got to demand attention? Want to woo your fans?

Choose a time-tested charismatic number and see if you don’t go just a little further.

 – Zac Smith, VC