The Curse of Talent

If you are even remotely talented, of which I am betting you are indeed talented, then the ability to make money will never be an issue for you.

Know what will be your curse?

Having to pick which opportunities you’re going to pursue.

Because when you, a talented person, are presented with business openings, there will always be a little voice in your head that says, “Oh I should totally do that. I’ve got the skills to make that very successful.”

It’s not a question of skill, though, is it? It’s a question of time.

Your brain knows that.

But your heart will plague you with doubts and the could-have-been’s of missed opportunity.

This is your assurance that there are heaps of ways you could legitimately make a successful living or grow your business even more; because, after all, you’re talented.

However, you’re not missing out by passing on most of them.

Instead, the more you focus your talents on select endeavors, the more you’ll get out of those opportunities.

This is your curse.

And I hope you wear it with pride.

 – Zac Smith, VC