The 3 Steps to Strong Branding

Do people have a kneejerk reaction, good or bad, when they hear your company name? 

If they do then you have a strong brand.

Are people indifferent to the pronouncement of your name? 

If yes then you might have a weak brand.

If that’s the case and you’re interested in strengthening your brand, here’s the big picture, 3 step roadmap to getting there.

Step 1: Figure out what makes you special. 

I’m not talking about a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 

99% of the time, how you sell your products isn’t all that unique. But why you sell your products? Now that’s something people will pay attention to. 

You don’t need a USP, you need a Unique Perspective. Or in other words, the thing that makes you stand out is the perspective (or angle) you approach your business from.

This is never a mission statement generality, like “hardest working,” “quality,” “fairness,” “honesty.” And the reason it can’t be those types of things is that EVERYONE says them.

Remember, we’re talking about something unique. It’s not unique if every other business also claims to be the thing.

Instead, think of unique and sometimes quirky personality traits. Because if your brand is personality driven, then it can’t be copied by your competitors.

Step 2: Distill your brand personality.

The thing that makes you special must be distilled into an easy to digest nugget. 

People have more than enough going on in their lives to keep their awareness full and occupied.

To have a shot at claiming some mental real estate, your brand has to be piercingly clear and easy to remember.

How do you make your brand easy to remember?

Focus on one thing and focus hard.

Yes, you probably have seven or more good traits that could define your brand. But if you say them all then there’s too much to keep track of in the mind of your customer. 

It’s easier to remember one thing than it is to remember seven things. 

Step 3: Align your messaging.

Building a strong brand means aligning your messaging throughout all communication channels so your customers have a seamless interaction from start to finish.

You can’t be bubbly and playful on social, professional and detail oriented on the radio, flippant on the phone, direct in your emails, and nice and normal in person.

You know the one personality trait you committed to in Step 2 above? Well, you need to be that, and only that, at every customer touch point.

This strengthens and reinforces your brand. Which makes it easier and easier for people to remember you.

And when you’re easy to remember it’s easier to get the business and the sale.

– Zac Smith, VC