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Gatherings can be held anywhere on earth.
(Or off the earth, if you have the transportation.)

JARGON: The group who meets at a site is called a “chapter.”
The person who starts and maintains a gathering is referred to as that chapter’s “organizer.”
Each chapter will be known as “The Worthless Bastards of ______.”  Since there might be more than one chapter in a city, the word that fills the blank should not be the city’s name, but rather, “The Worthless Bastards of North Austin,” or “The Worthless Bastards of the Toad and Ostrich,” etc.

Here’s what matters:

  • You have to commit to hosting the gathering on a regular basis
    (monthly, annually, weekly, bi-weekly).
  • You have to be committed to showing up even if no one else does.
  • You have to arrange another host if you are unable to make it
  • You need to agree to rules of the Worthless Bastards

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