Shiny Reflections

You know the fastest way to be perceived as an interesting conversationalist?

Ask people questions that let them talk about themselves and share the stories that make them look good.

You can have a thirty-minute conversation with someone you just met, only ask them flattering questions about themselves, tell them almost nothing about yourself, and you know what will happen?

They’ll walk away thinking you’re the most interesting person in the room.

But you probably already knew about this phenomenon of humanity. We love to be shown shiny reflections of our best moments and qualities.

So, beyond improving your social standing, how can you apply this to your marketing?

Well, the people you meet at a party don’t magically become different people when they hear your radio ad, see your commercial on tv, or read your emails.

Want to be the most interesting ad of the day?

Make it about your prospective customer.

But remember, not just any reflection will do. Reflect back to them only that golden light of their best moments, qualities, or version of themselves that they carry in their mind.

And do you know what will happen?

They’ll walk away thinking yours is the company they should do business with.

– Zac Smith, VC