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How to Make Awesome Sauce
March 13-15, 2012

The pitchfest begins at 6PM on March 12 in the elevator at the tower. Seriously, you have to make your elevator pitch during a 60-second elevator ride.

We're going to build some businesses in three days. Do you want to help?

Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way.  It is easy to overcomplicate things when launching a business idea.  New tools exist today that did not exist 12 months ago that make it possible to accelerate a business startup.  The idea behind this class is to leverage the talent of Wizard Academy faculty and alumni to develop 3-5 new businesses in a 3-day period.

Idea to revenue in 72 hours!

Lead by David McInnis and a handpicked team, this class is a demonstration of lean startup principles and practical application of Wizard Academy instruction.

If you sign up plan to be at the tower at Wizard Academy by 6pm the evening of March 12. This is when the group will pick the ideas that will become businesses in the next 72 hours.

The Night before Class - Elevator pitches happen Monday evening in the elevator of the tower at Wizard Academy.  Bring your best ideas to present to the group. Your pitch to the faculty will be videotaped and played back to the entire group in the tower at the end of the pitchfest. Your goal is to inspire enough of your fellow students to abandon their own ideas and help with yours that your company LIVES.  We should be able to form at least three new business. Last time it was four. Five would not be impossible. It's up to the faculty and you, the group.

Days 1 and 2- After opening remarks and some instruction, we will separate into teams to focus on market testing, research and building a minimal viable product (MVP).  Instructors will rotate through each group to make sure that the teams are on task.  This will also help us space technical resources evenly among teams.

Short Presentations will happen as needed throughout the days, allowing the instructors to evaluation and provide further instructions.

Day 3- Morning - Customer acquisition.  This day is about putting the final touches on the MVP and finding that first customer. Afternoon - Team Project Reports and Instructor Feedback.

Your instructors will be:

David McInnis

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Dean Rotbart

Bryan Eisenberg

(and Roy H. Williams usually wanders in and out and causes trouble.)

Who owns the Business at the end of the event?
You do. Each person can choose to keep 100 percent of the company that sprang from their idea, or they can open it up for ongoing participation to the group who helped create it. It's entirely your call.

Oh, yes, we are going to start businesses in 3 Days.
From idea to revenue in just 72 hours. Are you ready?

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Limited to 40 students.

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