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The Eisenberg/Sexton Persuasive Online Copy Workshop

In-depth knowledge, cutting edge research, strategies and tactics winnowed down to exactly what YOU need in your online marketing right now. We're going to let you tell us exactly what you're facing, so that skill transference can take place in only 2 hard-working days, as opposed to listening to a week of lectures.

That’s the point of this 2-day workshop.
You'll bring copywriting challenges to this workshop and leave with:

a)    effective copy you can deploy in your marketing immediately, and
b)    knowledge and skill to create highly effective copy for similar contexts and applications in the future.

If you come needing improved product-description copy, you’ll not only leave with improved product descriptions, you’ll know how to improve the copy for all your products.

In other words, come prepared to work because you're going to spend 80% of the time working on your copy, applying the principles and tactics that turn mediocre copy into incredibly effective copy.

Since Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg published Persuasive Online Copywriting (POC) back in 2002, that book:

•    Was recommended as a "Top 5 Copywriting Book" by Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame,
•    Commanded prices over $1,000 as a USED BOOK in Amazon’s used book market,
•    Formed the basis of a copywriting course that Fortune 500 clients paid more than $20,000 to have taught to their in-house marketers and copywriters
•    Was later displaced by the Eisenberg’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, Call to Action, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark, and Always Be Testing.

Since then, the Internet and online marketing communities have undergone tremendous changes that triggered a revision of this classic book and course material, demanding new tactical implementations of still-sound strategies, and all-new strategies for applying persuasive principles.

This course represents that much-anticipated sequel. 

Past graduates of Wizards of Web - and graduates of Writing for the Radio and the Internet - will recognize some of the core principles but they’ll also find an enormous amount of new material with updated tactics and strategies - bringing POC principles up to date with:

•    Web 2.0 designs and technologies,
•    Social media
•    The widespread adoption of video
•    PPC Ads,
•    Mobile web, and more.

Here are just a few of the topics that might covered in the workshop: (What we actually cover will be decided by you, based on your specific needs.)

Writing Landing Page Copy
•    Why visitors bounce, why interested prospects “stall out” prior to converting, and how to fix both problems
•    Staying concise, relevant and conversational while also achieving brand position for increased credibility
•    The real secrets to differentiating your brand/product/offer that go way beyond traditional Unique Selling Propositions
•    Anticipating and moving visitors past the “Yeah, Buts”
•    How to offer meaty/transparent content without pulling visitors away from the sale, letting you get the best out of both worlds: short & long-form copy.

Writing “Proof” pages
•    Why the believability of proof elements changes depending on which page it is placed on – and how visitor click trails can tell you the optimum placement for your most powerful proofs. 
•    How to tactically employ “transparency” as a persuasive tool
•    A 5-second litmus test for credible vs. non-credible statements
•    The importance of Sinatra tests and how to create them for your company.
•    How to scripting videos for maximum persuasive impact

Writing About Us Pages / Sections
•    Why high-tech needs to learn high-touch, and what that means for your About Us page
•    How to demonstrate values instead of sharing boring mission statement.  (showing vs. telling)
•    Creating a brand voice style guide
•    Making your authority/expertise believable
•    How to boast without your copy sounding like corporate chest-thumping

Product Description Copy
•    How to steal copy points from forums, product reviews, etc.
•    How to use Word of Mouth Triggers to come up with improved bullet points
•    How to dramatize benefit statements to make them tangible, vivid, and persuasive
•    How to building perceived value with your product copy
•    Sneaking right-brained language past the “just the facts, ma’am” prospect.
•    How page design affects copy choices (and vice versa)
•    The 7 elements necessary for optimally effective product videos

Writing copy for services (vs. products)
•    How to write copy when your chief competition is from lower-priced competitors
•    Why timelines and methodology descriptions are so useful – and why most company’s fail to bake-in even 25% of the persuasive elements available to them
•    Selling “experience” in a way that’ll actually persuade rather than sounding like the “with 15 years of experience” cliché
•    Why your customer isn’t paying for your service (even when they DO buy) and what that means for your copy
•    The importance of precipitating events and why they can completely change the optimal messaging for a given audience

Short form copy for PPC Ads, E-mail Subject Lines, and Space Ads
•    Ditch headline templates and learn how to create great headlines from the ground up 
•    Best variations to test for PPC Ads
•    Use “story elements” in both ad pictures and copy to dramatically improve click-through rates
•    How to “scenario-ize” product benefits to come up with less expensive and better converting long-tail keywords

If want a hyper-practical class on how to actually DO the stuff taught by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg – if you want a workshop that will build new copy muscle – this is the workshop for you.

Taught by Jeffrey Eisenberg with Jeff Sexton, Wizard Academy's acclaimed instructor of How to Write for the Radio and the Internet, this is the workshop to attend (or send your people to) if:

•    You manage the messaging or optimization of a Website.  Find out how to move beyond best practices and throw-stuff-against-the-wall testing.  Learn how to direct your improvements for maximum impact and ROI
•    You'd like to jump several levels in copywriting ability in just 2 days
•    You're planning a Website redesign in the next year

Just $2,000.
Acadgrads receive a 50 percent discount, as usual.

Be one of the first 13 registrants and you'll enjoy 2 days/3 nights lodging at no cost in Engelbrecht House, Wizard Academy's memorable student mansion built by past graduates for the benefit of future students. You gotta love this place!

*Engelbrecht House is full, but we still have seats available.*

Just select the dates from the pulldown menu and you're on your way to Austin...  Call Kristin at (512) 295-5700 if you have any questions at all. Kristin can also be reached at

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