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Currencies that Buy Credibility
A Five-Week Online Class

Taught by Tom Wanek

Because this course is highly interactive and hands-on, enrollment is strictly limited to 10 students.

Tom Wanek is winning against the Big Boys because Tom understands how to make powerful statements believable.

Making powerful statements is easy:
"We won't be undersold."
"Satisfaction guaranteed."
"The best quality at the best price."

But making these statements believable is not so easy.

The believability of your power statement is directly related to your willingness to risk or spend one of six things.

The more you risk or spend, the more believable your message becomes.

Money is only one of the six things you can risk.

Tom will teach you the Six Currencies that Buy Credibility, show you successful examples of each, and help you craft your own believable power statement to increase traffic, sales and word-of-mouth.

This online course will meet for one hour each week for 5 weeks (and yes, there will be homework!). Each student will make a long-distance call, allowing them to log onto a high-tech telephone bridge at 11AM eastern time one day each week. (See below for exact dates and times.) This will link us together by voice. And by clicking the hyperlink within an email you'll receive from us, your computer screen will connect with Tom's screen, giving you a live, real-time display of Tom's presentation for the week. How convenient is that?

In this class, you'll learn about:

• Why credibility matters.
• Signaling Theory - The critical insights biologists have discovered on communicating with credibility.
• The Six Currencies that Buy Credibility.
• Successful examples of each of the six currencies.
• Three questions that will align your actions and words.
• How to fine tune your credibility investment.

This online course offers practical, ground-breaking principles to boost your credibility and earn your customer's trust. At full-tilt.

(Acadgrads receive a 50 percent discount, as always.)

Fall 2009 Class Dates and Times:
Week 1- Friday, August 28th at 11am eastern
Week 2- Friday, September 4th at 11am eastern
Week 3- Friday, September 11th at 11am eastern
Week 4- Friday, September 18th at 11am eastern
Week 5- Friday, September 25th at 11am eastern

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