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with David Freeman and Roy H. Williams

Fiction writers and keepers of the Golden Quill, your time has come.

In this, your black belt graduation ceremony, you'll be taught to entice readers onto the high-voltage tightrope of paradox and emotional complexity. You'll learn the secrets of the human condition. No safety net.

On the thrill ride of life's grand carnival you'll be the tattooed maniac whose hand is on the speed lever.

Uptight people read no further.

The phrase in academia is “Publish or Perish.”

But we see it this way; "Don’t let the voice within you perish. Publish!" And we have the power to put your ball through the hoop. Keep reading.

New York Times bestselling author Roy H. Williams and Hollywood screenwriting legend David Freeman are going to help you free the beagle in your brain and unleash your creative cougar.

Arooo! Aroo-Aroooooooo!

And then Wizard Academy Press is going to publish what you write.

Here's what David Freeman has to say:

"Many of you know me from the packed Accelerated Branding class Roy and I offered last fall (and which we’ll do again this fall) -- or from Beyond Structure, my screenwriting class which has grown to be the largest in LA, New York, and London.

Well, I’ll barely be touching any of that material here. This class is a wow-pow antigravitational joyride. By the time it’s over, your creative talents will be tuned, you’ll unsheathe the swords of beauty, danger, and irony, your mind will be on fire and some of you will see around corners.

The techniques and exercises I’ll be sharing in Wild Fiction are so far off the map that the legendary Explorers Club will give you a medal just for showing up.

Writers sense that the structure of the universe is origami. Roy and I will give you tools to unfold it endlessly, in a million different ways. Didn’t you always want a universe to play with?

By the end of this workshop, the rich shimmer in your writing will be a magic gate that all who read even your first sentence will be drawn to walk through."

- David Freeman, Hollywood CA

Come all ye writers, both dangerous and playful. We have pages in our hardcover book reserved for each of you.

This workshop has never been offered and it's not likely to ever be offered again. This is a one-time, wacko project worthy of Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Robbins, Jack Kerouac, Miguel de Cervantes, Jimi Hendrix, Cheech and Chong and the artist previously known as Prince.

Are you nuts enough for these 48 hours? This event will likely go down in history as the Woodstock of our generation. Do you really want to be one of those sad whiners for the rest of your life saying, "I could have been there but I had something else I needed to do?"

Pull the trigger and ride the bullet. Seize the day. It's what Mastercard was made for. Priceless.

Price for this 2-day course: $2,000.
As always, Wizard Academy Graduates receive a 50 percent discount.

The first 12 to sign up get 2 days/3 nights free room and board in Engelbrecht House, Wizard Academy's amazing student mansion.

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