Your Goals are Your Business, Helping You Reach Them is Ours.

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Fight the Big Boys and Win.

Mike Dandridge ran an electrical supply house in a small town. All was well. Then his town got a Home Depot and a Lowe’s, each of which had a well-stocked electrical department.

Mike wanted to fight back but he had no ad budget.

Having decided upon a course of action, Mike then grew his business to more than 12 million dollars a year without an ad budget.

Mike Dandridge will be one of your instructors in the upcoming workshop at Wizard Academy, Fight the Big Boys and Win.


Wait. It gets better.

Tom Wanek (WAY-nek) is a retailer of work boots and work clothes. Tom faces big competitors. Just like Mike Dandridge. Just like you.

Tom is winning against those Big Boys because Tom understands how to make powerful statements believable.

Making powerful statements is easy:
“We won’t be undersold.”
“Satisfaction guaranteed.”
“The best quality at the best price.”
But making these statements believable is not so easy.

After years of study Tom determined the believability of your power statement is directly related to your willingness to risk one of six things.

The more you risk in your statement, the greater its believability.

Money is only one of the six things you can risk.

In this workshop, Tom will teach you all six signals, show you successful examples of each, and help you craft your own believable power statement to increase traffic, sales and word-of-mouth.

Then Mike Dandridge will help you craft a plan to make that power statement operational within your company.

Be one of the first 12 to register and you’ll get a private room (2 days, 3 nights) and all your meals for free in Engelbrecht House, Wizard Academy’s amazing student mansion.

Be number 13 and it's a hotel and a restaurant for you. At your own expense. This is still a great deal, but not quite as ringingly spectacular as the deal obtained by the pull-the-trigger twelve.

PRICE $2,000

(Acadgrads receive a 50 percent discount.)

If you want to call Tamara and ask how many have already signed up, you'll find her at (512) 295-5700.


Dandridge and Wanek. Remember those names.
You’ll be hearing them a lot in the future.


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