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Wizard Academy Reunion

2007: The Year of the Belles

I wish I could remember where I read it: “If mothers ruled nations there would be no wars. Arm in arm they would stand and say, ‘Stop that! Stop that right now.’”

We smile because we know it’s true. Women are the glue that holds the world together. And this is the year that we celebrate them.

Saturday, October 20, 2007:

9:30AM Princess Pennie has asked me to give you a peek behind the curtain, a glimpse at what I’m currently developing for future publication. I think you’ll find it interesting.

10:30AM Dedication of The Bells of LaMancha a breathtaking new architectural landmark funded exclusively by the gifts of female friends of the Academy. We'll walk there together. You won’t believe your eyes.

11:00AM Michele Miller, the always-fascinating inventor of Wonder Branding and the author of The Natural Advantages of Women will share insights from her upcoming book revealing the secrets of selling to the feminine gender.

Noon: Excellent sandwich ingredients abound, along with wonderful fruit, bread, wine and cheese. Take a campus tour. See Engelbrecht House and Denny House! Have your photo taken in front of the Bells of LaMancha. Sit quietly in Chapel Dulcinea and contemplate the meaning of life. Dance your own crazy dance in the Canadian Diamond Pavilion. Dig through the literary treasures you’ll find in the Welcome Center/Bookstore. Look at the model and plans for the majestic Library Tower. Walk with new friends to where it will soon be built.

1:30PM Michele Miller continues, with special appearances by Princess Pennie, Corrine Taylor and some of the other wonderful women who work hard to make each visit to Wizard Academy a life-changing experience. New classes will be announced for 2008!

3:00PM More wine and bread and cheese and music and talk

3:45PM A Celebration of Women in Literature. Watch and listen as the Wizard investigates unforgettable females, what they did and how they changed the future. This session will be a celebration of the words and actions of women throughout the centuries. You'll like it a lot.

5:00PM Speaker and subject to be announced.

6:00PM Supper! And as every Acadgrad knows, Wizard Academy serves the best food of any school on Earth.

After Supper: This year’s reunion is going to be the following day’s front-page news.

Here’s why:

White-hot recording artist Nellie McKay (photo at the top of the page) has agreed to give us an intimate, private concert in palatial Tuscan Hall. Take a look at her TV footage.

Nellie McKay’s visit to the Academy is being kept secret. If word gets out that she's coming to Austin to play for only a few dozen people we'll be overrun by hundreds of gatecrashers seeking her autograph. Seriously. There are more than 50,000 students at the University of Texas just up the road from us and at least half of them would be willing to commit a felony for a chance to meet Nellie McKay.

We cannot comfortably seat more that 140 people, so registration is restricted to Acadgrads only. No open house to the public this year. Each Acadgrad may register only one guest. This may be a spouse or a close friend.

Acadgrads pay $100 toward the cost of food, security, drinks, etc.
If you bring a guest, you’ll contribute an additional $150 for that person.

Please don’t assume that you’re exempted from contributing. If I were throwing this party personally, I’d ask you to come as my guest. But this is a Wizard Academy function and the academy is a struggling non-profit organization. I’m paying $200 to cover myself and Princess Pennie. Our two sons, both of which are graduates, are paying $250 apiece to cover themselves and one guest each.

If 10/20/2007 appears beneath the AVAILABLE DATES pulldown menu on this page, there's at least one seat left available. If not, perhaps you'll be able to make it to the Wizard's 50th Birthday Party on Saturday, March 29.

Roy H. Williams

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