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Ocean's 12 Website Improvement

To help raise money to build the Wizard Academy Library Tower,
Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg – live and in person – have offered to perform a 1-hour evaluation on each of a dozen websites.

Would you like yours to be one of that dozen?

MaxEffect, a company that designs yellow page ads, was getting only 5-7 leads a month. Taking the Eisenberg’s advice immediately jumped them up to 30-40 leads a month.
Sound good? Wait, it gets better.

Thingamajob, a technical recruiting company, increased their registrations by 81% after following the advice they were given by Jeff and Bryan in a single phone call.

Total Gym, an equipment company, was told to remove a single element from their web page. Their sales immediately increased by 39 % as a direct result.

Those were small and medium-sized companies.
These are BIG ones:

Jigsaw Health, a nutritional supplement company recently featured in Inc. magazine, attributes their sales increase of 90% directly to following the Eisenberg’s advice.

Mattress Liquidators, by making just a couple of simple changes suggested by the Eisenbrothers, increased their sales leads by 5100%. Yes, they’re now getting 51 times as many inquiries.

Here are a couple of the HUGE companies the brothers have helped:

Overstock increased their sales volume by approx. 25 million dollars after doing just one thing Jeff and Bryan told them to do.

BuyTelco/Acceller grew 2250% and landed on the Inc 500 list.
Here’s what they have to say about Jeff and Bryan:

“Future Now, Inc. brings an incredible range of strategies and tactics based on their conversion principles. Most satisfying, they understand the integral role of Web analytics as a process for managing and improving the ROI of the online enterprise... I should know. I've been with these guys for three years. Through them, I have been able to achieve the sort of results most only dream of. They say they are a 'boutique' that specializes in one thing: conversion. Yet their thinking and execution is holistic and synthetic.” – Steve McKean Acceller/BuyTelCo, Jeff and Bryan's client since 2003

Be one of the Ocean's 12 and find out what's been holding you back. The best $7,500 you ever spent.
(Acadgrads save 50 percent)

Here's how it's going to work:

1: 12 websites will be visited for precisely one hour each.

2: Sessions will be timed by a 2-foot hourglass
at the front of the room that measures exactly 60 minutes.

3: Jeff and Bryan will browse your website on the giant
16-foot video screen in Tuscan Hall. They'll make comments,
suggestions, and ask you questions while the rest of the students observe.

4: The students are going to learn more in 3 days than
they've ever learned before in 3 years.

5: You're going to gain greater clarity in 1 hour than you ever thought possible.

6: Only 12 websites will be visited and analyzed.

7: Be prepared to take notes because you'll not be given a written report.

This will happen as part of the December 12-14 Website Analysis & Persona-Based Web Writing class taught by
Jeff and Bryan Eisenberg at Wizard Academy.

Secure the right for your website to be one of the Ocean's 12 and you'll also get a free room in Engelbrecht House, the Academy's amazing student mansion.

Engelbrecht has 14 rooms: One for each of the Ocean's 12, one for Jeffrey and one for Bryan. All other students will have to stay in hotels.

This is sounding better and better, right?

You're going to leave Austin knowing exactly how to change your website.

Just $7,500 makes you one of the Ocean's 12.
(Your $2,000 tuition fee to attend the class will be waived.)

You win because the most successful online consultants in America are going to give you specific suggestions for your website. The students in the class win because they get to witness this process for 12 different web sites. The Academy wins because it gets a landmark tower.

Acadgrad discount applies.
(In other words, alumni pay only$3,750.)


[This course has no connection to the movie of the same name. The ocean to which we're referring is the ocean of opportunity.]

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