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Wonder Branding
Marketing to Women

Taught by Michele Miller, author of
The Natural Advantages of Women and The Soccer Mom Myth

Grow your business by marketing to women.

Today, the buzz in the business world swarms around marketing to women and the importance of reaching out to female consumers in a way that's both authentic and profitable. Women are majority consumers:
  • Approximately 80 cents of every consumer dollar in the U.S. is either directly spent or influenced by a woman.
  • In addition to the traditional female categories of spending, women are responsible for more than 50% of all do-it-yourself purchases, 51% of consumer electronics, 89% of bank accounts, and 80% of healthcare.
  • The rate of women-owned business startups is growing at three times the rate of other startups in the U.S.
  • Women are major business consumers – 86% of women entrepreneurs say they use the same products or services at home as they do in their business.

Wizard Academy Chancellor Roy H. Williams will make a guest appearance during the April 15-16 session of Wonder Branding to lead a discussion about how to implement Activity-Based Accounting.

Learn how to really understand and connect with female consumers.
Any effective marketing-to-women campaign has to aim beyond the typical "paint it pink" strategies so many companies utilize. In today's market, women are demanding acknowledgment as individual consumers rather than an amorphous mass of females. "I know I'm a woman," she's saying. "But I'm not like every other woman. Would you please start speaking to me about what matters to me?"
Most experts agree that marketing to women as a "niche" only serves to undermine marketing efforts – the most successful campaigns are those that acknowledge women as the mainstream customer base. What elevates those same strategies to the greatest profitability, however, is how well businesses understand the different types of individuals with whom they're trying to connect.
WonderBranding teaches you how to understand women from the inside out - what language touches her mind, heart and pocketbook. It's an intensive, two-day class, jam-packed with information, real-life examples, discussion and creative experiences that will open your mind to a new way of thinking about your marketing, your customer and business in the 21st century.
In this class, you'll learn about:
  • how the female brain is "hard-wired" for branding
  • why women have different needs for the same product – and how to speak to each of them in a way that compels them to do business with you
  • the power of words and design in marketing to women – both in your store and on your website
  • gathering the right kind of information to understand your customer better - the tools you can use to really get to know her
  • what the "inside" of your business says to female customers
  • how women use the internet – a comprehensive overview
  • shattering stereotypes – what they are and why they're so harmful
  • how to apply personas to your website
  • how to attract qualified women to your website
  • search engine marketing
  • blogs
  • the next wave in marketing to women – what new technologies mean for the future of marketing and advertising
Tuition: $1,800
Acadgrads receive a 50 percent discount
"One only needed to be in the room a few moments to know that the hours ahead would be MAGICAL. Thanks, Michele."
- Willie Davis, RA Marketing
"There's absolutely no doubt that Michele's course will have an incredible ROI for our company and clients." - Dave LoFranco, DDR Media, Inc.
"Your impact as the opening speaker at our Advanced Marketing Seminar last summer was powerful. The 30 attendees were buzzing about your message of relational vs. transactional buyers throughout the rest of the seminar. We're looking forward to seeing fundamental changes in their advertising strategies and positive results in the coming year, thanks to your clear and insightful presentations!"
- Lissa Poincenot, Hot Springs Portable Spas

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