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"The internet has become our phone book, dictionary, encyclopedia, sales brochure, research vehicle and back fence for gossip. Like it or not, you're going to have to do a better job online if you want to flex your muscles in 2008." – Roy H. Williams,
The Monday Morning Memo for October 29, 2007.

All proceeds from this class will be used to help build the academy's long-awaited Library Tower. It's a win-win. You gain valuable insights you can begin using immediately. The academy gets a financial boost to help build our $600,000 Library Tower. And all because the Eisenbrothers care enough to help.

Website Strategy Development
With an Introduction to Persona-Based WebWriting

Advanced Curriculum from the Wizards of Web

Seminars can be theoretical, right? Not this one.
Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg aren't just going to tell you what to do, they're going to show you.

You'll see 4 different 1-hour evaluations each day for 3 days with an hour of Q and A in between each session. You'll learn more in these 3 days than you've ever learned in any 3 years of your life. Real-world analysis with specific recommendations. Nothing theoretical. It doesn't get any better than this.

Concrete examples in real time. Three days. You'll return home way ahead of your peers.

Where else but Wizard Academy can you watch, ask and listen for 3 days as New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg stand in front of a massive, 16-foot video screen and perform detailed, 1-hour evaluations on each of 12 different websites? The developers of those websites will be in the room, too. This is going to be fun.


Wizard Academy's Tuscan Hall is a world-class seminar venue.
Great food, great music, amazing visibility and acoustics.

You'll learn to spot the holes in the Persuasion Architecture of a website and grasp the basics of Persona-Based Web Writing, the revolutionary online technique that sells each customer in the manner they prefer to be sold.

You can't imagine what this will do for your conversion rate.

MaxEffect, a company that designs yellow page ads, was getting only 5-7 leads a month. Taking the Eisenberg’s advice immediately jumped them up to 30-40 leads a month.
Sound good? Wait, it gets better.

Thingamajob, a technical recruiting company, increased their registrations by 81% after following the advice they were given by Jeff and Bryan in a single phone call.

Total Gym, an equipment company, was told to remove a single element from their web page. Their sales immediately increased by 39 % as a direct result.

Those were small and medium-sized companies.
These are BIG ones:

Jigsaw Health, a nutritional supplement company recently featured in Inc. magazine, attributes their sales increase of 90% directly to following the Eisenberg’s advice.

Mattress Liquidators, by making just a couple of simple changes suggested by the Eisenbrothers, increased their sales leads by 5100%. Yes, they’re now getting 51 times as many inquiries.

Here are a couple of the HUGE companies the brothers have helped:

Overstock increased their sales volume by approx. 25 million dollars after doing just one thing Jeff and Bryan told them to do.

BuyTelco/Acceller grew 2250% and landed on the Inc 500 list.
Here’s what they have to say about Jeff and Bryan:

“Future Now, Inc. brings an incredible range of strategies and tactics based on their conversion principles. Most satisfying, they understand the integral role of Web analytics as a process for managing and improving the ROI of the online enterprise... I should know. I've been with these guys for three years. Through them, I have been able to achieve the sort of results most only dream of. They say they are a 'boutique' that specializes in one thing: conversion. Yet their thinking and execution is holistic and synthetic.” – Steve McKean Acceller/BuyTelCo, Jeff and Bryan's client since 2003

Jeff and Bryan are donating all proceeds from this class to help Wizard Academy build its landmark library tower. You win, we win, everybody wins. You don't get to be part of something like that very often.

Here are a few of the topics that will be covered in this class:

What makes people do the things they do online?

What factors affect how people act online?
Why and how do people interface with a website?
What happens to customers who don't follow through?
Those questions and more drove Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg to investigate the reality of the Internet. The result was a pair of New York Times bestselling books and a consulting practice that brings in millions of dollars a year.

Learn how to make your website more persuasive

The Internet is unique in that every visitor to a website is there as a volunteer. If they refuse to participate by failing to click a hyperlink, your communication with them ceases.

This class will teach you

How the buying cycle works online
How your online sales process can support offline sales
How users interact with content
How personality traits influence online behavior
How to deliver relevance every time a visitor clicks a link
How to recognize and optimize the key decision points
How to capture and hold the attention of your audience
How to design for conversion
How to increase the impact quotient of your words
How to move prospects through the buying cycle
How to clarify objectives and measure results
How to build a continual optimization process
How to collect web metrics and use actionable data
How to engage your visitors
How to overcome the 10 Myths of Internet Marketing
How to lay out information so visitors absorb it
How to craft persuasive experiences
How to put proven strategies to work for you
How search engines work and why they do what they do
How to get what you want from web developers
How to measure, test and optimize your online strategy

TUITION: $2,000 but worth far more.
As always, Acadgrads get a 50 percent discount


Who are Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg:

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg are the co-founders Future Now, Inc; a marketing boutique focused on helping clients convert their website's traffic into leads, customers and sales by applying persuasion architecture, copywriting, usability and web analytics to design, redesign and optimize websites and other online marketing efforts.

Future Now has helped clients such as: Dell Computers, Volvo, Everbank, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, AeroTek/ Allegis Group, Computer Associates,, LowerMyBills, XGaming, BuyTelco, Agora Publishing, RADirect and many others increase their conversion rates.

Bryan and Jeffrey have been featured speakers at numerous industry events: DMDAYS, Adtech, Search Engine Strategies, Internet World, Net.Marketing, DMA Annual, eMetrics Summit, Electronic Retail Association, Wizard Academy & ClickZ Email Strategies. They have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forrester Research, Publish, Internet Advertising Report (IAR) Chicago Business Tribune, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, DM News, Microsoft's bCentral, EDP the Business, MarketingSherpa, the Toronto Star, Ecommerce Guide, InternetDay & Internet Retailer

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