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A lifelong student of humanity, bestselling author Roy H. Williams spent decades asking, "What makes people do the things they do?" The brainchild of his wife, Pennie Williams, Wizard Academy® was founded as a way to get her husband off the road. "Instead of sending him to them for a few hours, why not let them all come to Austin for a few days?"

Since its launch in May of 2000,

Wizard Academy® has attracted students from among the world's most successful and forward-thinking businesspeople, educators, scientists, inventors, journalists, ministers, artists and authors.

One hypothesis of Williams ("Surprising Broca", chapter 30 of Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, 1999) asserted that Broca's area of the brain anticipates the predictable. This has now been [accidentally] proven by Prof. Burkhardt Maess of the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Likewise, a second hypothesis published in Thought Particles: Building Blocks of Perceptual Reality; Binary Code of the Mind has now been proven by neurologist Friedemann Pulvermuller of the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. Pulvermuller shocked the scientific community by announcing that Wernicke's area and Broca's area gather sensory data from other brain areas and then compile it into complex mental images. This is precisely what had been predicted and published by Williams two years earlier. There is no reason to believe that Maess or Pulvermuller were aware of the writings of Williams.

"Flickering," a third hypothesis taught by Williams in his Magical Worlds Communications Workshop, is now supported by University of Chicago psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who declares, "Humans cannot really successfully multitask, but can rather move attention rapidly from one task to the other in quick succession, which only makes us feel as if we were actually doing things simultaneously."

This is precisely what Williams had asserted.

On April 23 of 2005

Wizard Academy presented to the world Chapel Dulcinea, a romantic open-air Wedding Chapel funded by the friends and graduates of Wizard Academy. Donations make it possible to offer this Wedding Chapel at no charge. Our hope is that we will remain financially able to continue this in the future.

Chapel Dulcinea was chosen by more than 700 couples as the site for their wedding during the first 70 weeks of its availability. This early average of 10 weddings a week is now climbing. We expect Dulcinea will soon be hosting more than 1,000 weddings a year. A number of these weddings involve couples with no worldly assets beyond their comittment to each other. If Chapel Dulcinea did not exist, many of these brides and grooms would have no option but to get married in the office of the Justice of the Peace.

The construction of a free wedding chapel seemed – to us – to be something that needed to be done. Our hope is that other organizations will feel inspired to do the same.

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