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The Tower construction has begun.

Sculptor Dean Kermit Allison supervises the installation of the Quixote.
Friday, Oct. 10, 2008

From deep in the valley of the shadow, Quixote gazes at Dulcinea in the distance.

50,000 yearly visitors to Wizard Academy's Chapel Dulcinea will look off
that cliff's edge to see Quixote looking up at them from deep in the valley below.

Dean Kermit Allison attaches the macrame snake crafted by artist Crystal Bennett.


Gallagher Lane is now complete.
Walking to Engelbrecht House just got a whole lot easier.

PHOTO ABOVE: Looking uphill from the fork where Gallagher Lane
makes you choose between Engelbrecht's upper and lower plazas.

The entrance to the upper plaza, above.
And the entrance to the lower plaza, below.

Inside the lower plaza.
The kitchen is through those glass doors.

If the above image is in front of me,
and I turn around,
the image below is what I see.

The welcome center got a new sign.

BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below) thanks to Jim and Rob and the Brothers of the Mudd.

BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below) looking South from Chapel Dulcinea.

The language on the plaque below was extracted from an email we received from
Aaron Royal Mosley. Wizard Academy bought Gracilla without knowing her name, her history, or her sculptor. (I knew enough of sculpture to recognize her as the work of a master, but I held little hope of ever learning the name of her creator.) We were overjoyed to receive an email from Aaron Royal Mosley giving us her name and her history.
Gracilla is one-of-a-kind. Just like Wizard Academy. Just like you.

(BELOW) As visitors approach Chapel Dulcinea they'll find this wayside garden with its giant stone which will soon hold a 3-foot bronze plaque, 2 feet tall, welcoming them to the Garden of Joy and listing all the Brothers of the Mudd who built it for their pleasure. Approximately 50,000 people a year visit the campus of Wizard Academy, a 21st Century Business School.

Below is the giant plaque that was mounted to the rock above on March 29, 2008.


Below is the new Bell Wall funded by Michele Miller-Nelson's Belles of LaMancha.
The gathering place in front of the wall is Steve Rae Plaza, Where Music Fills the Air.


The Ones Who Get It All Done
Tamara, Becke, Michele, Pennie, Corrine, Pattie

Standing in front of the nearly completed Bell Wall are the belles who make it all happen. Tamara manages the telephones, Becke keeps the books, Michele researches and teaches classes, Pennie buys all the stuff we need (including the land we're on,) Corrine manages the operation and Pattie manages the property, including all construction. Wizard Academy wouldn't exist without these women.

Me, I just write you these occasional notes and teach a class once in awhile:)

Roy H. Williams
Chancellor, Wizard Academy

This (below) is what the Bell Wall looked like before the bells were installed and the garden was built at its base. Scroll down the page and you'll go backwards in time.


The beginnings of The Bells of LaMancha

To give you a sense of scale, the gate opening you see is bordered by posts that are 8 feet tall. That opening leads to Engelbrecht House (below,) the academy's student mansion.

The photos below look North toward the Canadian Diamond Pavilion and Chapel Dulcinea.

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