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Art Gallery/Banquet Hall/Lecture Hall/Library/Stardeck Tower
December 23, 2009.

The image below was taken less than a year later.





This is Engelbrecht House, the academy's amazing student mansion.
Our students stay here for free.



The Canadian Diamond Pavilion is on the cliff-trail that leads to
Chapel Dulcinea and it shares a similar view with her.
The pavilion is used mostly for small wedding receptions,
champagne toasts and the occasional outdoor lecture.


Here's the new Bell Wall funded by Michele Miller-Nelson's Belles of LaMancha.
The gathering place in front of the wall is Steve Rae Plaza, Where Music Fills the Air.



A group of students from Hewlett Packard.
Why does everyone who comes here look so happy?

Princess Pennie at the Mench Bench on the trail to Engelbrecht House.


Chapel Dulcinea dangles her legs daringly
off the edge of a cliff as she sits on an ancient walking trail.
It's a wonderful place to sit and think.
Visitors are always welcome.


Academy Architect Marley Porter stands in front of Caretakers House,
the residence of Wizard Academy's on-site property managers.



Move the scroll bar under the photo to see the Bell Wall panorama.
Go through the gate to the far right and you'll find Chapel Dulcinea down that path.
The gate straight ahead takes you down to Engelbrecht House.






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