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A resort is where you go to have it all.
A retreat is where you go to get away from it all.
Engelbrecht House is a retreat, not a resort.

Things you should know about Engelbrecht House
on the campus of Wizard Academy.

1. These aren't hotel rooms, they're finely furnished dorm rooms.
2. Consequently, there is no room service. (We're a school, not a bed and breakfast.)
3. There are no phones in the rooms, so bring your cell phone.
4. There are no televisions in the rooms.
5. All our rooms are STRICTLY non-smoking. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard only.
6. You will have WiFi.
7. Your room has plenty of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.
8. There is a large kitchen to which you will have 24-hour access.
9. When you return to your room in the evening, you'll find it exactly as you left it in the morning. We clean only after you check out.

Expect it to be like staying in a hotel and you'll be disappointed. Expect it to be like staying in old European castle you'll be delighted beyond words. Enough said.

If you would be more comfortable in a hotel, we understand,
but the additional cost is on you.

Would you like to see a list of area hotels preferred by the students of Wizard Academy?

Rooms in Engelbrecht House are available at no charge to students of Wizard Academy on a purely first-registered basis. So enroll for your classes early!
Your access to your room will begin in the late afternoon/early evening the day prior to the morning of your first class session.
It will end at 10AM the day following your final class session.
Additional days/nights are available for a fee.

This is the upper entrance to Engelbrecht House.

Engelbrecht House has a beautiful view of Chapel Dulcinea on the hillside above.

Craig Arthur serves the first glasses of wine from the DownUnder Bar in Engelbrecht House. (It’s down under the stairs and Craig’s from Australia. How cool is that?)

Craig and Angela Arthur funded the bar as a gift to their fellow Wizard Academy alumni.

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