Wizard Academy Artsy Coasters


  • Uniquely handcrafted glazed ceramic coaster set
  • From Say Yes to the Mess.
  • Set of 4 glazed tiles
  • 4x4x.3

15 in stock

​​My first visit to Wizard Academy was in June and after some whisky talk, I found myself in my room with a tall Topo Chico dripping with condensation. I set the bottle on the side table and heard my mother in my head, she’s there a lot… “Use a coaster, Jessica!” 

But no coaster was to be found. I grabbed a towel and thought, “Huh, with all this nice furniture in the rooms they really should have coasters (shrug).” 

The next day Daniel explained that if you have ideas for improvements and well, you know the rest, “will that be a purchase of coasters or a check?” 

I reached out to a friend who has a crafty-maker business she was trying to get off the ground, Say Yes to the Mess. I sent photos of campus and Englebrecht rooms and asked her to figure out some coaster designs. The first round of coasters I bought for the rooms which I am delighted to use when staying over. 

And now you too can keep my mother’s voice at bay, at least about using coasters.