Visitor Center Antique Door – The Ambry


“I have far too much storage space. Said no one ever.”

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There is much magical paraphernalia involved in the day-to-day running of a Wizard’s Visitor Center.

Most Wizards struggle with where to keep it all. Unlike Ms. Kondo, Wizards don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing what stays and goes based on if it sparks joy.

“Sparks joy?? Well, I don’t know about joy but it certainly sparks. Wand number 87 is far too powerful to be left laying around. Keep it safe and out of the hands of apprentices.” 

See what I mean?

Hats, cloaks, staffs, and ridiculously effective marketing spellbooks must be kept safe somewhere. The  Ambry is just such a place. Imagine the havoc unleashed should these items fall into the wrong hands. So, you see, the need for a stout magic-rated door.

Pictured is just such a door. It’ll keep safe The Ambry we’re building into the Visitor Center. It has a chaos-level security rating, which they don’t make anymore. We were fortunate to find a retiring Wizard who was letting it go.

If you’re going to be the one to sponsor this rare find then add it to your cart. And who knows, since you’re funding it, we might just let you in on a couple of the impedimenta it’ll be guarding. At the very least a plaque, honoring your generosity.

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