Michener’s the Name


James A. Michener is one of America’s most renowned and beloved authors. His books have sold more copies than those of Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck combined. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1948 for Tales of the South Pacific, which inspired the Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway musical South Pacific.
A very private man, Michener guarded his personal life and remained a mystery to his fans. He dropped his guard only with friends, including author and photographer Robert Vavra. In Michener’s the Name, Vavra invites Michener fans into the author’s life with a singular portrait that spans nearly forty years.

When they met, Michener was fifty-four years old and Vavra twenty-six. Throughout their ensuing thirty-six-year friendship, Vavra would photograph Michener at work and at play.

Michener’s the Name offers images taken by one photographer over decades, with captions drawn from conversations and letters between Michener and Vavra and other friends that offer a deep look into Michener’s life. Readers can finally meet the man whose spellbinding sagas moved their minds and hearts.

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By Robert Vavra