Fired Up About Selling


“Quotes inspire, awaken, encourage, remind, nudge, spark, jolt and fire us up so we can achieve our grandest goals.

Fired UP! SellingTM is for everyone who wants to live a fired-up life; whether they’re in sales, an entrepreneur, or someone who desires to live life to it fullest.

More than 1,000 quote judges around the world participated in a unique crowd-sourcing model to select the best 324 quotes for the book.”

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Salespeople love quotes! They put them on their refrigerator doors, post on their bathroom mirrors, carry them as a reminder, use in speeches and team meetings, and send in emails. They use quotes to fire up their sales teams, their friends and themselves. A unique crowd-sourcing model, The Fired UP! SellingTM Project was developed to select great quotes for the book created by salespeople, for salespeople, with the quotes selected by salespeople. Using the criteria of ETE (Elegance, Truth, and Energy), quotes were drawn for testing from many sources, from sales leaders and beyond. More than 1,000 Quote Judges from around the world (salespeople, sales managers, sales trainers, consultants, and bloggers) rated 1,005 quotes. 307 of the highest scoring quotes were selected for the book. Think Big, Get Going, Keep Going, Make the Sale, Succeed, and A Stronger, Better You, comprise the six parts. Cross-referenced subject and author indexes make it easy for readers to find the quote they need and search for their favorite authors. Unique features: The focus is inspiration, motivation, a nudge, a kick in the seat of the pants to make sales to succeed. It’s what salespeople and sales managers need beyond their sales” training. It’s the only sales quote book created and designed for and by salespeople. There’s a strong representation from contemporary sources and women. Most quote books predominately include old dead white guys. There’s an estimated 15 to 20 million salespeople in the U.S. and Canada and 13 million sales professionals on LinkedIn. The faux leather hardcover and attractive 40 color text photos make an attractive gift. These powerful quotes also speak to entrepreneurs and inspirational quote lovers.