The Young Writers Workshop gathered under the direction of Peter Nevland and Scott Fraser on July 29-30, 2008. The Wild Fiction Workshop happened with David and Roy August 6-7, 2008.

These are the knives that fell from the sky.

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Wizard Academy Press

Written by:

Amanda Wachtel
Margaret Titus
Arden Singletary
Jeff Sexton
Ray Seggern
Steve Rae
Blaine Parker
Tom Grimes
Oz Jaxxon
Ruth M. Gilbert
Mark Fox
Adam Donmoyer
Rick Copper
Sean Claes
Dee Brian
Kenneth Brand
Jean Backus
Darby Young
Alexandria Young
Shayna Bluemlein
Sean Fraser
Tonya Crews
John Davis
Becca Kaufeld
Bryce McNally
Peter Nevland
David S. Freeman