Charging Station Portrait Fundraiser


Let’s put an electric car charger on the Wizard Academy campus.

Credit Where Credit is Due

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Really? A Car Charger?

Once upon a time, we rented a car at the Austin Airport and got a Tesla. Yay! Except that there was nowhere to charge our sweet ride on the Wizard Academy campus, and as such, we paid an exorbitant re-charge fee upon returning to the airport.

And so I wondered, “Why isn’t there a car charger on campus?”

With all these people who drive to Wizard Academy and Chapel Dulcinea for various reasons, shouldn’t we be on the leading edge of this?”  I’ve been a WA Alum long enough to skip asking for a change on campus, and just proposing it.

So here’s my proposition:

An electric car charger in the parking lot behind Spence is just under $10k. We’ll also need a plaque with our names on it, so let’s round up the cost to $12K. Your $1000 donation towards the Electric Car Charger includes:

  • A Portrait session with instant proofing so won’t be wondering if we got something you like.
  • Up to 3 final photos, edited to perfection so skin is flawless, eyes are sparkling, teeth are white!
  • Your name – or name of your choice – on the plaque so every time someone plugs their car in they know who to thank.

-Christina Gressianu