Chapel Ducinea Pint Glass – Black Logo


Pint glass with the image of your favorite little wedding chapel in the world.

Capacity: 1 pint = 16oz
Size: Pint-sized.
Made of glass.

70 in stock

Making a groom’s toast with dixie cups is not a good way to start a marriage. Tim and Steve, bless their hearts, forgot to bring the pint glasses for the groom’s toast. They rush into the Visitor’s Center with nothing but hope and anxiety riding in on their coattails. They glance at the shelves. Pint glasses! Lucky day! As the cool glass touches their fingertips their eyes lock and the first real smile of the day is shared. Now they get to be winners..and you can be a winner too.

Don’t be Tim and Steve; but if you are – we got you. Pint glasses for sale.