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If you’re already a Bona Fide Whiskey Enthusiast, it’s time to get Texas Sized. This series includes the history of Texas whiskey, the Trail, the Association, and a quick look at the individual whiskey distilleries.

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This Course Includes: The Bona Fide Texas Whiskey Enthusiast Program

  • 9 Modules
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  • Even More Smoldering Confidence

Not everyone needs or wants a certification level whisky class.

If you’re a happy enthusiast looking to prove it, or you’re keen to test whisky’s waters, this non-certification was made for you.

It’s not a certification. It’s a bonafication.

TEXAS Bona-Fication Means You’ll Know…

History of Texas Whiskey
The origin history and impact of the Texas whiskey scene.
Regions of Texas Whiskey
How various areas of Texas contribute to the wide variety of styles in Texas whiskey.
History of Texas Whiskey Association and Trail
The founding of the two organizations that support the Texas whiskey industry.
Texas Whiskey Distilleries
Snapshots of all the Texas whiskey distilleries.

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