Ad Writers Guild

$450.00 / month for 24 months

Wizard Academy Alumni ONLY.
Alumni pricing is built in.
$450/month capped at 24 Months.

This is the magnum opus of everything we have to teach.

Anyone who takes this course will come out the other side a Master Ad Writer.

Make no mistake, it’s not a journey for the faint of heart. These are some of the most intense and grueling writing assignments on the planet. The word counts may be short, but they will stretch the bounds of your creativity.

And so, even at the most motivated pace, it’ll take you at least a year and a half to complete.

But you won’t have to wait until the end to get value.

By lesson four you have picked a business to write for and be receiving expert instructor feedback on the real-world ads you’re creating.


  1. The Idea of Writing
  2. How to Write Powerfully & Clearly
  3. Before You Put Pen to Paper
  4. Speaking to the Felt Need & The Three Kinds of Ads
  5. Speaking to Identity
  6. Controversial Persuasion Deconstructed
  7. Making a Paper Cigar
  8. Connecting the Dots
  9. The Importance of a Style Guide
  10. How to Write Television Ads
  11. Brain Lateralization (the Neuroscience of Ads)
  12. Practical Applications of Chaos Theory
  13. Monet & Frank
  14. Chaotic Parable Ad Writing
  15. How to Walk Through an Advertising Minefield
  16. Finding Inspiration
  17. Character Diamonds
  18. Channel Alignment
  19. Do You Seuss?
  20. How to Sell Upscale (Using Glamour)
  21. Rules for Writing
  22. Revealing the Vivid Unexpected
  23. What a Brand Really Is
  24. Creative Handcuffs
  25. Ten Tips for Advertisers
  26. Is the Customer Stupid?
  27. How to Sell Illogical Things
  28. How to Make a Presentation to a Prospective Client
  29. Personification: Make Your Ads Come Alive
  30. Going Full Circle with a Third Gravitating Body
  31. Framing
  32. Identity Marketing & Inclusive Communication by Design
  33. Time Pressure is Your Friend
  34. Time Pressure is Your Friend
  35. When, Why & How to Write a Verb Avalanche
  36. When the Tortoise, When the Hare?
  37. How to Keep Your Client Happy Forever
  38. How to Avoid the Invisible Jury
  39. The Two Modes of the Customer
  40. The 44 Sounds We Make

Of course, you probably have questions you’d like to ask before jumping in. Feel free to Contact Us to set up a time to talk.

Be ye ready?

The world’s greatest ad writing class is waiting for you.

Price: $450/month, capped at 24 months. If you finish before 24 months, we’ll stop the billing and celebrate. If you take longer than 24 months, that’s ok too. You’ll never lose access to the lessons and you may continue to work on the course at your own pace.

How does this work?

  1. You watch a video lesson from Wizard Academy Founder, Roy H. Williams.
  2. You will receive an assignment at the end of the video.
  3. Do the assignment and upload it.
  4. It will be graded and sent back to you.
  5. Once you pass the assignment, you may move on to the next chapter.

We are here to support you!

Instructors are available for email support.

We hold open-office zoom hours each Monday morning at 10am Central time.

What happens when I finish all the assignments?
We will celebrate you on campus the next time you’re here.

What about an Alumni Price?
Because we are only allowing Wizard Academy alumni into the Guild, alumni pricing is already taken into account.

An Alumni is anyone who has taken a class or online course from us in the past. The quickest and easiest way to become an alumni is to sign up for Ad Writing 101. If you’d rather jump head-first into The Ad Writers Guild as a non-alumni, please contact us first.