2024 May: Applied Wordsmithing 1: Writing to Involve, Enchant and Persuade


Whether you write fiction, Facebook posts or commercials for traditional media – you are a writer.

Understanding exactly what makes good writing good will improve what you put on the page and how you communicate with  humans.

Applied Wordsmithing is a surprising series of short writing assignments designed to teach you how to write clearly, simply, and directly.  And they work like the dickens.

If you’re like most who have taken the class – a group that has included everything from beginners to Pulitzer Prize winning authors – you’ll write more easily.  You’ll lose the idea that you need to write “pretty.”  Or that you need to be “creative.”

You’ll learn that beautiful writing is less about the beauty of the words themselves. You’ll learn that beautiful writing is the clear communication of your images and ideas.

You’ll learn the most important thing the modern writer can: how to say the damned thing!

If you have any questions, you can contact Vice Chancellor Dave Young at daveyoung@wizardacademy.org or 512-270-1516.

Here’s a short video from Chris Maddock on Brandable Chunks. Chris teaches this class.