2024 July: Young Writers Workshop


For 12-16 year-olds.

Only one registration needed per child/parent pair.

Tuesday, July 23rd to Wednesday July 24th, 2024

A Parent-Child Event for Students 12-16

Workshop Goals

to excite participants about writing
to simplify the creation process
to refine emerging talent
to inspire art and character

Each student must be accompanied by a parent

Since Wizard Academy isn’t equipped to accept responsibility for minors. Only 14 students will be accepted. Each will be 12 to 16 years of age.

Peter Nevland is a riveting writer, poet and performance artist, well known throughout England, Canada, Germany and Australia.

You and your child will laugh together and talk together as you learn things you never knew and think thoughts you’ve never thunk. Peter uses a highly interactive process that will help you see the possibilities and realities of writing.

Peter will:

Introduce You to the New
Reinvigorate Your Traditional Writing
Awaken the Colorful Writer Within You
Help You Find What You Have to Say
Teach You to Open Big, Use Facts, and Close Powerfully
Reveal to you the Power of Editing

Students will be taught and inspired, then given assignments. They will later read to the class what they’ve written. But don’t be afraid. Both of these men are gifted instructors and extremely good with young people. They’ll even make you feel good about what you’ve written. Yes, parents participate, too.

Gary Bernier is a Wizard of Ads Partner, an Internet Grease Monkey, a Martial Arts Instructor, and known to some as “Mr. Wolf”.

In his session, Gary will help your child:

  • Craft their life story (well, the next five years at least)
  • Hone their goal setting skills
  • Develop their vision board
  • Learn how to take massive action

These techniques and tools will help the student develop and achieve any plan they set their mind to. And even better, you will be there planning your next five years right along with them.

(A room in Engelbrecht House has been set aside at no charge for each of the 12 parent-child duos. Please know that these rooms have only a single, queen-sized bed and the academy has no cots or trundle-beds or other such things to lend you. If parent and child are uncomfortable sharing a bed, you may want to bring an air mattress or consider staying in a hotel. Sorry, but we’re offering you all we’ve got. Wizard Academy accommodations are limited. But most people seem to be thrilled with them upon arrival. We’re betting you will be, too.)

2 days, 3 nights – Lodging in Engelbrecht Included

Price: $2,000

Includes both parent and child.

(Academy alumni receive a 50 percent discount.)

Additionally, financial help has been made available by a donor who has offered to pay fifty percent of the cost of tuition for any new student or alumni who wants to attend, but finds themselves financially unable. You will have to pay half of the cash price for which you qualify, the grant will pay for the other half, $500 for alumni, $1,000 for new students. To make application to receive a Rosenwald grant please email daveyoung@wizardacademy.org