2024 August: EWA Certificate in Sensory Appreciation


The Edinburgh Whisky Academy Certificate in Sensory Appreciation brings the art and science of single malt whisky to life in an immersive, in-person educational experience.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned whisky writer and chef, Martine Nouet, the course is a journey into the heart of whisky enjoyment and analysis. Over four interactive modules, participants delve into the intricate world of single malt whisky flavors, aromas, and food pairings, guided by our expert instructors.

Led by Daniel Whittington and Scott Thompson the Certificate in Sensory Appreciation offers a unique opportunity to explore the origins of flavor in single malt whisky production and maturation. Participants learn to discern aromas, judge whiskies impartially and master the art of sensory analysis.

Designed for both enthusiasts seeking to deepen their sensory understanding and professionals refining their tasting and pairing skills, the Certificate in Sensory Appreciation promises a transformative learning experience. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the sensory delights of whisky.

This program is focused on single malt, but it’s a great introduction to the base level sensory skills needed to approach all whiskey. It’s a two day program that covers 2 modules per day.  We will go through several dozen whiskies throughout the two day course.

Like a typical class, you have a room on campus that you can check into the night before and check out on the day after class ends. Breakfast materials are provided for you in the shared kitchen at Engelbrecht House, and lunch and dinner will be catered in.

We’ll spend the evenings socializing and exploring and discussing what we’ve learned throughout the course. Maybe even a visit or two to the Whisky Vault.

Price for this two day course:


This is an Edinburgh Whisky Academy hosted course, so there is no Wizard Academy alumni discount.

If you have any questions, you can contact Learning Operations Coordinator, Jessica Doklovic at jessica@wizardacademy.org