2024 April: Solar Eclipse Fundraiser Event


We’re having an eclipse-watch party on the Wizard Academy campus.
It’s a science sleep-over camp. It’s gonna be fun!
Bonus: Participate in the fundraiser and get a certificate for auditing a class for free.

UPDATE: We’ve sweetened the pot. Get a free class* when you sign up for the eclipse event.

Can you think of a better place than the Wizard Academy Tower to watch a total eclipse of the sun?

Arrive a day or two before the traffic. Settle back with a glass of red. Put on your dark dark squinters and stare at the sky.

The Wizard Academy campus will be in the path of totality for the April 8th Total Eclipse of the sun.

You’ll experience 2 minutes and 15 seconds of total eclipse here on campus.

If you’re not already a major donor, you will be after you join us for the eclipse.

The eclipse happens on Monday, April 8, 2024.

  • 12:16:40 pm – Partial Eclipse begins
  • 1:35:20 pm – Totality begins (2 minutes, 15 seconds)
  • Data from this site

You can check in as early as Saturday April 6th and stay as long as Wednesday, April 10th.

Your donation of $5,000.00 gets you one room on campus. If you need more than one room, you are welcome to sign up for more than one…at $5,000.00 each.

We’re breaking our own rules:

Alumni discount available? No. This is a donation as a part of a fundraiser for Wizard Academy. It’s not technically a class.

No curriculum to speak of, although you never know. We heard a rumor that Roy may be talking about the White Shaman at the tower.

You may bring a guest that isn’t your spouse or significant other as long as they are willing to stay in your room. We’re thinking kids or friends on air mattress, etc.


Q: It seems kinda pricy. Can’t I just watch the eclipse from the side of any random road?
A: Yes, you definitely can. We will miss you.

Q: Will there be meals provided?
A: Yes. We will feast like kings and queens.

Q: Will there be educational content in the classroom?
A: Perhaps. There are rumors floating around that The Wizard himself has put this event on his calendar.

Q: Will there be naked dancing on the star deck during the new moon?
A: Whoa…settle down.

Q: I’m hung up on the price…seriously, $5k?
A: That’s the price of awesomeness. Plus, this is a fundraiser for Wizard Academy.

Q: Does this make me a Major Donor?
A: Yes, and includes all the benefits of Major Donor status including having a place to lay your head when you visit Austin and we’re not having classes. Did you know that anyone who has given at least $5,000 to Wizard Academy can stay on campus for a few nights when we aren’t having classes? It’s true! You’re also guaranteed first shot at new classes.

Q: What if I’m already a Major Donor?
A: Have you ever heard of double-secret Major Donor status? It may or may not be an actual thing. [maybe you should make it a thing!]

Q: What if it’s cloudy?
A: We’ll still have plenty of wine on hand. And Whisky. And Food. And truly interesting human beings.

Q: Are you saying I can come back to spend a few nights on campus?
A: Yes. You’ll be a Major Donor. Next time you want to spend a weekend in Austin, all you have to do is let us know. If we have room for you, you’re in!

Q: What’s the vibe going to be?
A: We’ll have a couple of viewing locations, one for people who want a more “meditative experience” and another for people who want a more “social” experience.

Q: What is Wizard Academy going to do with the money?
A: We’ll spend it on improving the campus experience for future students. And wine. Which is really the same thing if you think about it.

*FREE CLASS: As a special sign-up gift, we will present you with a certificate that will give you free admission in the on-campus class of your choice any time within 12 months of the eclipse.