2023 May: Marketing in a Digital World


Have you been told that you need to advertise online? Are you nervous about jumping into a digital ocean that is known to be full of sharks?

Have no fear.

Ryan Deiss – the founder of DigitalMarketer.com and one of the world’s savviest online marketers – is going to hold your hand. Ryan’s knowledge isn’t theoretical. He spends millions of dollars of his own money each year in an ongoing series of tests, trials, and experiments. (He owns a bunch of online companies.)

Ryan Deiss spoke to 4,000 people in San Diego who paid $1,000 each to be there. Online marketers routinely pay $30,000 or more to meet with Ryan in groups as small as 150 people.

So how much does Wizard Academy have to pay Ryan Deiss to work with just 2 dozen of the world’s luckiest people?


Ryan read the Wizard of Ads trilogy when he was in college, and says he’s been reading it once-a-year ever since. And he’ll be teaching you – without pay – because he’s on the board of directors of Wizard Academy.

If Ryan’s fans around the world knew they could spend 2 days with him in a room of only about 20 people, this class would sell out in less than 60 seconds.

But don’t worry. He has promised not to tell them. Ryan is doing this because he’s one of us.

Effective ad campaigns have a narrative arc that engages the mind of the customer, revealing layer after layer of information about your company, your product, your service. But more importantly, they have a character arc that entangles the hearts of customers by helping them understand why you do the things you do. We’re going to make sure you know how to create the right kinds of ads.

You’re going to learn how to make your ads stand out.
You’re going to leave with a digital marketing strategy.


2 days, 3 nights.
returning alumni receive a 50 percent discount, as always. (Just make sure to enter your code in the box at checkout.)