2023 August: Certificate in Scotch Whisky from EWA


Certificate in Scotch Whisky from EWA

Welcome to the Whisky Marketing School’s presentation of the Certificate in Scotch Whisky from Edinburgh Whisky Academy.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the EWA has built an incredible set of courses focused on various whisky and spirits in the UK.

So what is a Certificate in Scotch Whisky?

The Certificate in Scotch Whisky consists of eight engaging modules which will give you an independent, in-depth overview of Scotch Whisky as a category.

The course was written and developed by Scotch Whisky experts with decades of experience in the industry.

Explore the fascinating history and business of Scotch as well as the laws governing Scotch Whisky, before delving into the intricacies of the entire production process.

Discover all there is to know from raw materials and fermentation to distilling and bottling the final spirit.

Completing this course will improve your knowledge and appreciation of whisky considerably, The EWA Certificate in Scotch Whisky is a qualification which is recognised by the industry worldwide.

The class will include tastings of whisky to educate on palate as well as to show you examples of how the process affects the taste of the final products.


The class will end with a written assessment of 50 questions.
You will be required to pass the written assessment with:

  • Pass – 60%
  • Merit – 77%
  • Distinction – 90%


This class will be hosted at the Wizard Academy Tower in Austin, TX and taught by Erik Wait and Daniel Whittington.
There are two levels of tuition.

Tuition Only – Simply signing up for the class means that you will arrive on campus in the morning ready to start the class, be provided with a catered lunch and dinner, and welcomed to join in the celebration and hang out upon completion of the course.

On-Campus Housing – If you choose to room on campus, your tuition includes checking into one of our rooms the night before class and checking out the day after class (2 nights). Breakfast will also be provided in our fully stocked kitchen at Engelbrecht house.

Class begins at 8:00 am and ends at dinner around 6pm. There will be time after class to hang out, possibly visit the Whisky Vault, and socialize until everyone is ready to leave or go to bed.

Welcome to Scotland in Texas!

NOTE: We are also hosting an Executive Bourbon Steward certification course just 2 days before this course.

If you are interested in both certifications, there’s no easier way to get them than by doing it the same week in the same place.

*Note….Alumni discount does not apply for this class.