2022 October: The Vortex Summit


Wednesday, October 19 through Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Vortex Summit on Story, Culture and Experience: How to trigger a marketing “perfect storm” for your brand

“Customers will never love a company
until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek

The Vortex Summit is back for a third year, ready to turn your company into that well-oiled machine you know is possible.

Guided by Wizard of Ads Partner Ray Seggern, innovator of “Story, Culture & Experience”, you’ll discover where and why these elements should intersect, and learn the pitfalls when they don’t.

Join us for a two-day immersion into what successful company cultures look, sound and feel like – on a campus where a different “experience” surrounds you. It’s a hands-on tour de force with useful tools and techniques for discovering the hidden golden nuggets in your culture.


  • Identifying the current state of your Company’s Culture.
  • Kicking your Company Culture into something memorable and sustainable.
  • How Ritual and Vocabulary are the lifeblood of Corporate Culture.
  • Getting the best from employees. (HINT: It’s not always about the money.)

The conversations, the food, the presenters and your numerous “aha” moments in this unique setting only add to the return on this important investment in your company.

Cost is $2,500
Acadgrads (anyone who has graduated
from any other course offered by Wizard Academy)
receive a 50 percent discount.