Once You’re Set

Someday you’ll have all the money you need to live comfortably for the rest of your life.

The house will be paid off.

You won’t have any car payments.

You’ll buy the clothes you like to wear and the food you like to eat without even thinking about their cost.

All debts, dependents, and fiscal responsibilities will be off your plate.

If you choose to keep working it won’t be because you have to. Money won’t be a concern.

And when that day comes – and it will come sooner than you think – I hope you’ll have planned for it. Because the only thing less satisfying than not achieving the long-term goal of financial stability is actually achieving it.

Now, please don’t mishear me.

I don’t believe financial stability is a bad goal. It’s not.

It’s just that, it’s a goal that can be achieved within your lifetime.

And if it’s your only goal, then the day you achieve it will be the day you lose your self-assigned purpose.

And you’re not a purposeless person.

There is a corner of this wide world that needs you.

Needs your knowledge, your skills, your effort, experience, and attention.

If you’ve already found your corner that’s wonderful.

If not, then start identifying the places that need you. So that once you’re set and your needs have been met, you’ll have the freedom of turning your value loose on the world. In a way that’ll bring you joy.

Because, of all the things you could have, wouldn’t you like to always have a satisfying purpose?

– Zac Smith, VC