Not All Hurdles are Meant to be Jumped

Why call our school Wizard Academy?

Besides some good old-fashioned origin lore, one of the real reasons we’ve kept the name is to filter who gets through our doors.

Anyone who takes themselves too seriously to go to a business school called Wizard Academy is not ready to learn the things we have to teach. Because we believe that great learning, sudden understanding, and play all share a Venn diagram overlap in our brains.

If someone is too stuffy to play then they won’t do well here. And if they don’t do well then they’ll probably be a downer for the rest of the class.

So, we’ve added this little naming hurdle. Some will jump over it, and others will self-select out.

Have we inadvertently turned away people who would’ve done well here?


However, it’s a risk we’re willing to take to protect our culture.

Not all hurdles are meant to be jumped.

– Zac Smith, VC