Never Repeat a Trick

I fell down a rabbit hole the other day and ended up reading a short article by Timothy Arends entitled the Top 10 Rules for Magicians.

Everything in the universe is connected, of course. And so, it’s no surprise that being a good magician overlaps with being a thriving entrepreneur.

This week we’ll look at the first five rules.

Rules for Magicians

1. Never be a showoff.

If you challenge your customers and clients don’t be surprised when they accept said challenge and try to prove you wrong. Instead of saying, “I have the best fill-in-the-blank.” Say, “I found this really cool fill-in-the-blank, and thought you might like it.”

2. Always respect your fellow magicians.

You’re by no means obligated to praise or promote your competitors. But neither should you put them down or say negative things about them. It’s not a good look and it won’t win you goodwill from your clientele.

3. Never tell the secret.
4. Never repeat a trick for the same audience.

Rules three and four encompass the same principle. Don’t ruin the magic. If your customers proclaim delighted wonder at your prices, speed, or quality no need to explain your operations manual and the mechanics that make it all possible. Just smile, thank them, and let the magic live. 

5. Only perform magic under the right circumstances.

Know your limitations and never promise something you can’t deliver. In fact, only say yes when you know you can over-deliver. Better to turn business away than to disappoint your customer.

Next week we’ll talk about rules six through ten.

– Zac Smith, VC